Can you imagine ABetterTax

“All truth goes through three stages: first it is ridiculed, then it is vigorously opposed, finally it is accepted as self-evident.Schopenhauer

Many Australians would agree that our tax system is unclear, confusing, complex and costly on all fronts. It is in terminal decline, and most importantly it is wasteful of our most precious human resource : TIME

This site is here to promote and inform Australians about a simple and fairer tax system – known under a few names ( Expenditure Tax, 2 % E.T. or 2% Easytax )

If an Australian Academic, University or ‘Think Tank’ could consider modelling this idea to determine it’s feasibility, Australia’s foreign debt could be paid off and millions of well paid jobs created. This idea has already been proven to work (independent modelling in the 90′s), however newer research must be done to see if it is suitable for today’s economy.

I am asking Australian’s to follow me on Twitter @abettertax to show the Australian Federal Government that we want this great Aussie idea modeled.

How it works
• Invented by 2 Accountants, Mining Engineer and Former Nat Party Senator in the 80′s
• Replaces 8 complex taxes with one low, simple, visible tax
• A rate of 2% is applied to every monetary exchange in Australia
• Existing taxes are refunded back to business including all 3 tiers of Government
• Business must reduce the cost of goods & services sold by total tax saved
• The cost of all Goods and Services sold including exports will be cheaper
• No deductions or exemptions (unlike the GST, hot meat pie GST, cold NO GST)
• Removes complex tax surcharge from employment to maintain the same take-home pay
• Increased purchasing power of existing take-home pay packet
• Reduces cost of employment to increase demand for labour
• Internet trade is taxed at the same rate as over the counter, a tax for the 21st century
• It is not a debits tax, any money deposited or withdrawn from a bank is not taxed
• Money transferred into or out of Australia is taxed at the same low rate
• Treasurer Peter Costello once said “The broader the base the lower the rate”
• All Australians including retirees will have greater buying power ( average 16% )
• Australia’s welfare dependence is greatly reduced
• Everyone pays, it’s simple, fair and equitable
• 3 year fail safe transition period
• The cost of education, health and government will be reduced due to lower labour costs
• Let’s simplify our existing tax system & remove red tape and the 10,000+ page Tax Act
• We need Federal treasury to model on today’s figures because it was proven in the 90′s
• Governments cannot use tax to manipulate votes (must come up with real policies)

Download full (PDF) submission to the Australian Parliament House
2003 Senate Economics References Committee ( link below).

Tax Reform PTY LTD submission 2003 (PDF)